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Genuine Compliments

The sweetest gift of all...

A complimentary gift with purchase is one of life's little luxuries. When you're offered one, take it. But never take it for the free gift is only available while supplies last.

The same goes for getting compliments. Accept them, appreciate them, and stock up on them. If you don't, you'll find one day that you could be without.

There are many reasons why we negate the compliments we are given and don't allow ourselves to accept them for the gracious little gifts that they are.

Sugarluxe Diva Cat Loves to Give Sweet Compliments | Meow Purr Lick
More than likely, you were taught to be modest and unassuming. We worry that agreeing to positive things that are said to us could be misconstrued as being cocky or conceited.

But at Sugarluxe we encourage you to shine. So, step out into the spotlight and bask in the warm glow that comes from a sincere compliment because it can really boost your confidence!

And since we're talking about it...make sure that you give sincere compliments, too.

Each time you give a compliment, you focus on the other person because you actively look for positive traits or attributes.

No longer looking for the worst in people you will find the best. You see possibilities, not potential obstacles.

Compliment giving is a Sugarluxe way of life and helps us to always look at the world around us in refreshing and creative ways.

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