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Friendship & Fashion

Friendships like fashion should be fabulous.

The thing about girlfriends is that we tend to love each other quickly and deeply. Which is why we're completely destroyed over things that are essentially unheard of to a guy, like being talked about behind our backs, feeling snubbed for not getting a phone call, or seeing your best friend in the to die for shoes you've been coveting and couldn't afford. Okay- admittedly, that last one really pushes the envelope, but nevertheless...

We need to learn that we can have conflict with one another without fear of losing our friendship. Author Rachel Oakes-Ash in her book, Anything She Can Do I can Do Better - The Truth About Female Competition, affirms for us that it is so hard to figure out how to do this without excessive amounts of guilt. She warns, "Without honestly discussing this fact, we will continue to compare and despair, hating our bodies, starving ourselves, earning less, hating more and the guilt we carry will keep weighing us down and holding us back forever."

Seems that guilt - from conflict with a friend or (spending on yourself during a Saturday shopping spree) - is a wasted emotion. But don't mistake that bit of advice to mean that you shouldn't go through your stuff and figure out what you might need to trash.

Best Friends are the BEST Accessories

For instance, a fake Fendi may seem like a good find when you originally come across it and at first glance it might even be hard to tell the difference. Well, it won't take long before everyone notices. And the truth is, it totally ruins your look. The same goes for fake friends...

When girls call you derogatory names, it's just not cool or cute. If they try to make you look bad or make fun of you...pity their obvious insecurities. Point being, like shoulder pads, you should cut them off.

You spend so much time searching for the perfect pumps, that spectacular little black dress or the hottest must-have clutch, why not put forth at least that much effort to make sure that your friendships are just as fabulous?!

Friends, like the latest fashion trends, will come and go in the season's of our lives. So be sure to search for and always hold on to the few timeless classics that you can cherish forever.

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