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Beauty & Brains

Changing perceptions, changing minds...

Ever notice that, even today, we still have media & modern trend-setters who continue to perpetuate the stereotype that a girl is either gorgeous or intelligent, but rarely both?

Sugarluxe Sexy Smart Girl | We know beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive

Well, a Sugarluxe Girl knows that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. Having a savvy fashion sense, a passion for shopping or by all means, wearing the color pink doesn't mean that we can't possibly be...Smart. Sensible. Successful.

The point is, we've had to prove that we are all of those things AND more.

But we can't get caught up in the complaint that some people might think that how we look is more important than what we say.  Because here's the truth: if feeling good about the way you look captures a person's attention then you have a chance to be heard…and that can make all the difference.

It's in that moment that you have the opportunity to alter expectations. Don't dumb yourself down in order to be construed as less intimidating.

Anyone worthwhile and with self-confidence should find your combination of good looks and clever wit to be quite attractive. So we say - SHOW IT OFF!

Yes, hard-core feminists of yesteryear may protest that we feminine feminists (a.k.a. girly girls) of today have thwarted their efforts to create equality.

To that, we can only acknowledge their work and sacrifice.
Our deepest gratitude goes out to an entire generation of women before us for getting us to where we are today. Because it's a time and place that allows us to not only be proud of, but to really flaunt our femininity. The outdated notion that a girl can't be both beautiful and brainy has gone the way of the spiral perm.

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